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becoming an artist!

2013-11-14 18:58:03 by xbox4433

I hope you all enjoy my creeper Christmas I realize it's early but just like comment and don't be afraid to leave a complaint telling me to make it better!


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2013-11-14 18:59:09

Yay for creepers!

xbox4433 responds:

hehe thanks there :)


2013-11-14 19:23:18

improving is still stealing

xbox4433 responds:

SychoSloth you have been banned until further notice


2013-11-14 20:07:55

Blocking SychoSloth isn't gonna really solve anything is it?
It's not gonna change the fact that you stole that pic and might get arrested.

Say it's yours one more time, and you better watch your ass.


xbox4433 responds:

its mine -_-